Friday, December 2, 2016

Tucumcari, NM

On my way back East after leaving the Grand canyon, I stopped in Tucumcari, an historic town on old Route 66. I stayed at the Cactus RV Park.
Once a Motor Court on Rte 66, the space has been converted into an RV Park. The buildings were not torn down as they are on the National Register of Historic Places.
Each room had its own small garage.
My dog walks took me around to the back side where you can see the original adobe walls, and also the advanced state of decay.
I took a walking tour up Rte 66 through town to see some of the other historic buildings and murals depicting that history.
My first stop was at Del's for lunch, still in business since 1956.
There's a reason it's still in business. The food and service was great, and the prices reasonable.
I enjoyed the Y&Y enchilada plate and sopaipilla.
Enough for two meals.
Sopaipilla with honey.
I didn't eat here, but I thought their sign was funny.
There were several other old motels along the strip. Some were in disrepair, but some were still operating with historic decor.
This was a mural on the side of the Blue Swallow Motel, also an old motor court with "garages."
Some of the historic buildings have been repurposed as gift shops or other stores.
The Apache has a lot of vacancies, but it is closed.
This side of the Roadrunner has been refurbished and is open, another wing looks its age.
This Curio Shop sells Stuckey's Candy. That brought back memories.
Motocycle Parking on the left.
Not recently, I don't think.
More pictures of the Blue Swallow with classic cars in their decor.

Mural on the side of the Motel Safari.
A little Doo Wop history.
More murals at the Safari.
Is that Elvis?

Hmmm, a Drive-In Tattoo Parlor
The Donut Shop also has a drive-up entrance.
Another diner.
There was more, but I turned around here.

A few more pics on my way back.

Hanging the Christmas decorations in early November.

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