Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trace State Park

Trace State Park in Mississippi was another of my stops coming east in November. Trace Lake was too low to put the kayak in. The boat ramps were high and dry, and the shoreline was too muddy. Thistle sank to his belly in the mud when he tried to get a drink.
There was a hiking trail though.
And we checked that out.
These used to be lake-front cabins for rent before the drought.
Leaves were falling...

Great Blue Heron looking for fish.
View from my window.
Morning hike
We encountered an Armadillo.
He stood up like this! They don't see well, so I think he was trying to smell us.
And deer outside my window. 

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  1. Great pictures of the armadillo. They usually scuttle off or roll into a ball if they know you are there.