Saturday, December 31, 2016

Huntsville, AL with Sarah

I stopped in Huntsville to visit my friends Sarah and Wendy. This is my campsite at Ditto Landing.
Ditto Landing on the Tennessee River was a ferry landing in the early 1800s before there was a bridge here.
Fall colors still pretty.
A gull flying over the Tennessee River.
View from the river trail.
Every body of water seems to have a Great Blue Heron.
Thistle enjoying the cool morning.
Biking/hiking trail along the river.

Campsite in the woods.
Wendy came up from Birmingham and joined us for the day. We drove up this scenic road.
To Madison County Park where the fall colors were at peak!

Wendy and I came back the next day and hiked the trail, but the best colors were right by the Visitor Center.
We went to the Flying Monkey Artist's Market to look around and have lunch.
The Market is located at Lowes Mill, a repurposed cotton mill.

We had lunch first.
Then we toured the Artists' Market. This shop sells guitars made from cigar boxes. I had a flashback to childhood.
Free lessons!
We rode on the old mill elevator.

Looking around the eclectic art galleries.

The mill water tower got placed out of sequence...sorry.

Hula hoops!
Wendy tried them out.
A photo op...Wendy, me, Sarah
Wendy will try anything.
Another day Sarah and I went into the city of Huntsville to attend a community potluck Thanksgiving Dinner on a downtown street. I saw these pretty cardinals there. Male cardinal:
Female cardinal
An historic church.

Another historical marker downtown.
The event was called "One Table." Everyone in Huntsville was invited to this free dinner.
And even though it was chilly, it was well attended by people of all walks of life.
The serving line...

The dining table.

Live musical entertainment.
An aerial view of the from their website.
Huntsville City park
What a great idea! More communities should do this.

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  1. Great foliage shots and a nice visit with friends.