Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Sunday...Off the Bunny Path

Easter weekend the campground was overflowing, as in multi-families in each site and campers filling the overflow area too. Thistle and I sneaked out before they woke up on Easter morning to find a more peaceful setting.

I needed to mail some postcards, so I decided it was a good time to seek out one of the smallest and oldest still-operating Post Offices in the country.
This circa 1890 Post Office reminds me of the 1882 Wood and Swink PO in Evinston, FL, except smaller.
It was established to serve a Utopian Colony in the late 1880s, but remains open and is operated by volunteers.
Today's residents still receive mail here.
One wall contains an exchange library. Take one, leave one.
Of course it was closed, but my camera can peek in windows. I left the postcards in the slot.
I also discovered some unique roadside art in Kaweah.

Next Thistle and I walked the trails at Dry Creek Preserve. We had this beautiful place all to ourselves.
The creek wasn't dry.
And the birds were far prettier than colorful Easter eggs. This is an Acorn Woodpecker.
A Bullock's Oriole
A pair of Finches working on their nest.
A Western Scrub Jay
And finally we drove to the small town of Exeter to see the murals along Main Street.
Everything was closed on Main Street and we had a leisurely walk enjoying the paintings. Notice the lone classic car driving down the street.
I parked outside the Police Department, and they had this mural:
The 1890 Firebaugh Ranch, the first residence.
Main Street, back in the day.... 
The history of Exeter. 
Grapes and oranges are their heritage. 
The other side of the Main Street mural. 
Fruit companies 
More grapes! 
Their native heritage. 

This side street has murals too.

Sign on the outside of a store. 
 Representing Mineral King area of the Sequoia NM in their back yard.
 Paintings of early photographs of Mineral King.
The newspaper office.
 Street view
Close up of the mule train mural. 
Even the Lion's Club has a mural. 
A small park, with a mural of an orange grove. 

Mural of an old photo of Main Street, looking toward the water tower. 
The Exeter Railroad 

Early wheat farming 
Workers in a citrus packing house. 
This is outside The Wildflower Cafe...too bad it's closed. 
It would have been a good place for lunch. 
 Exeter is known for its Emperor Table Grapes.

A mural honoring the Military Services at the Ford dealership. 
Back at the Firebaugh Ranch...I like the way they incorporated the telephone pole in the mural. 

Exeter's Founding Family 
The Whistle Stop...with a mule painting...I didn't walk over there to get a better view of the mural. 
The Boys and Girls Club. 
And the Courthouse Museum 
Happy Easter!