Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas

Another stop on my way east was at Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas. I stayed at a Corps of Engineers campground below the dam. The visitor center and state park are above the dam on the lake.
My campsite overlooking the river below the dam.
Lake Dardanelle
I did take the kayak out twice while here. The first time with Thistle.

Great Blue heron in a tree.

Bald Eagles winter here.

The dam lit up at night.
The night before the Super Moon.
Fog on the river in the morning.
A trio of Black Vultures.
White Pelicans stop here on their migration.
Cormorants roosting on the power tower.
Turtles on a log.
The pelicans taking flight.
Thistle and I went for a hike on nearby Mt. Nebo.
An overlook
The steps lead to a spring below.
Fall colors were still pretty in November.
Bench Road Trail
Campsites built by the CCC.
View of Lake Dardanelle.
The rise of the Super Moon.
As seen from Walmart the next night. A street light shines over the moon.

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