Saturday, December 31, 2016

December in Florida

Back in Florida at my park in McIntosh. Got the RV its annual detailing.
I spent a week at Silver Springs State Park with friends Anita, Donna, and Margie, as I had all my annual doctor appointments.
Then Anita and I spent a week at Myakka River State Park where we also met up with another friend, Judy.
Beautiful sunset at the park.
Lots of birdlife there.
And alligators, oh my!
My favorites were the Limpkins,
and Roseate Spoonbills!
My brother and sister-in-law came to do the boat tour while I was there.
Did I mention the gators?
Then I visited at Roy and Tiny's house for three days in Rotunda. He lives along a canal.

Thistle posed for Christmas pictures under their tree.
On to my daughter Heather's in Zephyrhills where we visited Church Street Christmas in Dade City. Beautiful lights and Christmas carols.
Church Street Christmas
I attended grandson Ben's Christmas band concert where he played the trombone.
And then we celebrated Christmas with all the family. 
I just realized Ben is missing from both these did that happen?
Well here he is in this picture: Johnna, John, Ben, Heather, Jennifer, Ashley, Tony, Rebecca

McIntosh Reserve Park, Georgia

I found this great park with free camping in southwest Georgia. I was the only one camping overnight in this beautiful place. My site by the river:
Along the River Trail. 
Kayakers on the Chattahoochee River.
Horseback riding (multi-use) trails
I could park anywhere I wanted along the river.
View out my door.
The park is named for Chief William McIntosh. During his lifetime he was involved in many treaties negotiated on behalf of the Creek Nation. He met with President Thomas Jefferson during one of these treaties. He later distinguished himself under the command of Andrew Jackson in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812.
This is a reconstructed log home and Inn that was located here belonging to McIntosh.
McIntosh is buried here.

This was the location of the signing of a treaty in 1821.

Notice the pattern of rocks in the chimney.

Inside the home.
View of the river from the bluff.
Council Bluff where the treaty was negotiated.
View from the bluff.

In another part of the park a railroad was begun in the mid 1800s, but construction was halted after the onset of the Civil War and never completed.
Original railroad bed that was started.
There are many trails and roads to walk in the park.
River overlook
The colors were gorgeous.
Thistle testing the waters.
Chattahoochee River.
Back near my campsite, riders were setting up for a game of PoloCrosse.
A blend of Polo and LaCrosse perhaps?
Not sure if they were playing or practicing, but it was fun to watch.

And there were others just having a leisurely ride along the river.
The next morning I was reminded why I was heading south. The ground was covered with frost.
And fog shrouded the river.
And leaves were falling faster.
So back on the road I went toward Florida.
I drove through Warm Springs, site of Franklin Roosevelt's Little White House.
I didn't stop, but decided I would come back here in the Spring and do the tours.